Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

PraRiceJ te fit the Iawes wilJuffer?No,no:thofe that now robbe them of their good names,while the Gofpel is publikely profeLfed & protected, would eafily bereave them of ( their lives, if times would afford them ]awes and liberty. So as the great part of the world is not refolved ofthis.truth, that to lofe the life for Chritl: is to fave it ; aAd thofe that now deny him in the peace of the Gofpel, are farre from dying with him in ' the triall. Now becaufe this is a building, ' which requireth great fore-caft, and is above naturaU flrength,we had need furni{h our felves with all the he1pes to fet it forward, and fit our felves well to the obedience of fo difficult a commandement. Q. ueft. What are they ? s An[. I. Begin with God: preprepare fume not ofthine owne firength, mar- as Peter. It is a worl<e of fou·nd converfion