Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

MeditationJ to fit · perfecutions for the Name of Chrift,Tt foal! /Je hatedof ;r/1 men fo.r 1»] flt~:all that \V ill live god· ly in Chrifi l efilS lhail fuffer per... fecution; and,the time commeth, in w hi eh they that kill you, will -· think they doe G Q ,D good fer- ,: vice.Whifh are good admoniti- ·ons,to keep us infome prepared- :nes,to drink of the fame cup \Vith ; Chrifi·our Lord. Commanding: to · ·hold fall: what wee have, aod let ~ · none take our crowne,.Re~.:a., 5·. as if bee had faid,Hold fafl: with . both hands that faith and grace , ·which is-the pledge of a. crowne. · · .Promljing , . and fencing the he·art -with affurance ofhis prefence,mi- .dgation,.de li verance,& honoura.. b]e recompence, which are all · fhong & fure ·foundations groun. :ded in .his owne.tru.th and faith- _.; fulne.ffe i th t!s t.Hehath promifedbis prefonce ro em .• ~ bl & • r. • £ that fhtfer m rtxe trou esJ .tn I even, In nre ,God. ·and ·water. ; .and, that fQr their· 11. fireng~h , ,