Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

J _ _ !!!!'o Mar~yrdome. / courage our felves in enduring with Chrifi,that by no meanes in tria1Lwe be \Vonne to det1y Chri!l and his Name. Now for our daily fl:rengthe - I I . ning it will be u[efull to meditate Mcdiratidaily on fome bf thefe things. r. On Gods eternall decree,. · whohath appointed an houre for d1e power of dar knefs to work ;.. before which tjme rnot an haire can fall frotn the head: Till it bee , ' · · come,ChrifHbal wichdraw him<• felffrotn danger ; but when it is come,he is not affraid to meet his enemies, to tell them hee is the · man whom they feeke, & deliver himfelfe into their hands. The enen'ly can do nothing that God is not aware of;nothing beyond his . juft and wife permiffion,nothing·· ·but what lhalJ glorifie himfelf,e- - difie the Church,and tttrne to the, · .befi,even to us particularly• . 2. Meditate on the Word of · 2• · God,prediCiing andfqre-telling of · . p~rfecuti-·