Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

hledJtationJ to fit -.......-.. ___ deliverance: for the fire fl1al1 ~ ;hurt the gold, but fine it : the fl(li!e fhalnot hurt the -whear,but cleanfe it:the black fope feems to l~Ieand fowle the cloth, but indeed make-s it whiter & cleaner. There is no dang.er when Gods Ba ttledore corns on his children; it ferves but towhi ten them,and parts then1 from their foulnetfe. ! All the enemies -cannot hinder thy glory j no .more than they f could Chrifis :they may fever-· I fouleand body afunder, but nei--- ther of them from Chrifr. They , ·may take our foules from our bo- -. · ·aies, or our hearts out of our bo- · fome ;but cannot. take us out-of . :the Hahd 'or· bofome 'of our bea- ;venly :F;ather. ·. · - · 4. · Hee hath promifed a moft ample recompence to him that overcomes. I will give him po)ptr tJver the 1-lAtionJ-,.he.fliaH be apil2. 16 Jar in the houfe ofG.od,and.lhall .'r~. ·· gfl·no wJrJre -forih: and Chrift will ,· GIJnfe f[i-