Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

r." I unto Martyrdome. confeffe him before his Father in heaven, (}tt!at. 1 o. 3 2. 0 h now look often upon this happy end, if thou !halt give thy life in Chri£l:s quarrell ~ Great' fuall be thy reward in heaven,whena miferable life (hall bee exchanged with eternall bleffedneffe. This of the fecond meditation. 3. Confider, that thou haG: .Chrifl: thy companion in fuffering; yea, thou haG: him an example alfo, .who fotthe jqy fet before him, endured the ci-6ITe: Nay ,he endured thy croffe,& all thy fuffe- .ring is but an honeiF:duty of ' thankfulneffe,a_nd _a giarefuU pa_rt . . to fl:iek to him in t:rouble~' Whbm ; ~ ·we have fo~ld~e~ }n prQ[peHrx. , Pqlycarp th~ _M:artyr · at hts death · . fa id th~s,r hav;e, ferved Chrill: 86, · yeercs' and hee.never hurt mee,._ why ~ fuould r fpeflke evni .of ' c him i · · ' · ' ...· ' · · . Yea, it · i~ but ·duty to maiq- ·taine his caufe to death; who by