Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

JYtnning ofrheworld. ----~ "{hall not perifh,b ~i ~ive and be l ' ' ' increafed ;. an_d for my Ifaac and "joy, a Ram ilialbe facrifiedJthat ' ' is,only micorrupt affections & ' ' concupifcence,but my joy ihall ' 'none take away. Verfe 26. - For wh~t foal it pro fit A man if he gllinthe whok yporld, and loft hid o-wne Joule l Or ,'Phat fo~l/ a m~n give in ex&h4_n.,ge for IJil foule l · } N this Verfe our Saviour enlargeth the former doctrine by a fecond reafon,drawnfrom the unprofitableneffe of winning the world with the loffe ofthefoul; & fecms to prevent an object: ion, which might rife up in the minds of his hearers,thus: BLit wee fee that thi'> is' not to provide for the fafety and comfort of life, for thofe that care not forfollowi-'lg thee, Jive at hearts eafe, in plenty and fulneffe, they are on the rifing hand, & are the only gaine~s . 111