Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

of preaching. · . their waies. To try metall, is, to bring it to t·he tottch ; fo Gods Miniiter mull: bring men to the )tench>& fo touch tipon their fins 1 and dro!fe, as the guilty perfon 1 milvfeele himfelfe touched, and tryed with the reproofe. Thus did Nathan in the Name of the Lord w ith David his King, Thou fflrt the man, 2. Sam. 12.7. Thus the Lord himfelf (DeNt. Io. t 2.)afrer he had made reh~arfall of manifold benefits confer- . red on his people, askes themfelyes the quefl:ion, And no-w If- . rlle_l, what doth fhe Lordruptirc of the.e r as if he had faid,Think with thy.felfe,and fay ,if he deferve not the love, feare, trufr, and obedi1 ence of thy heart and life. ( Jfo.s ·4· after the Lord had ·fuewed,how hehad chofen,planted,hedged, and drdl'e:d his Vine-- · yard,hee.f1.1mmons them to give anfwer to this queflio,n, what. · could