Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Matter and manner - ; could I Jg more to my Vineyard? As~ ifhee had faid, Say within your' fdves,and be J uclges your felves, \vhether your wild grapes proceed not ftom your felvs;& from your own naughty difpofition, & not from my want ofn1anuring. One reafoA hereofis taken from the 1oveoftheMinifl:er:Our1ove tnnfi: direCt particular doctrine to' him,whom we would profit and help toward heaven: Co/of. r .18. Paulsatfedion caufed him to admonifh no.t a/lmen,butever' man, & to teach every man,and to prefent every 1nan perfa Cl: in Chrifi. The other from the fruit & pro fit of the Minifrry, wherein G0d gives the lea·rned tongue 7 that by fpeciall application the doarine may be.e brought home to every _mans heart,and the heart may bee taught in wifdome. It is the life & excellency of preaching, to be an ~ble _Min.fter ofthe Spirit; by I _'the funl trumpet ofthe Word to awaken . -------------------------------'