Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

ttn d natuf'all to WJ. ha-d n~cd lay weight npon this {as in this our Precedent) in haling men from the gaine of the w·orld, to the gain ofthemfelves, from the care of the body.to the care oftheir fou1es, and from the eager purfuit of all falfe profits,~ to the purchafe of the befi: and - furefi: commodity, which !hall eternally enrich them to life e-. verla!Hng. . ·. 3. Our S-aviour in the mtmt~er teacheth, how na~urally wee are all ofus inclined to the world, to feek it with all greedineffe , and fo have need of many and flrong back·byaffes: In .that this care is implied here to be, t • the firfl: care of a naturallman, be eau re it is of a fenfible profit & benefit: l.the moll v·ehement care, in that anaturall man fets his foule light for it·: 3'.the mofl:infatiable, in that a man would gaine (if it were poffible} the whole world: for, hee that fets his heart on filver, H 3 J.'Noft. We are naturally additl:cd to the world.