Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

If o .Earthlinef]'e fin full, cltnnot !Jef~tt~fted,Eccl-ef.; .9·.And this unmortified defire for the unfatiablene£fe of it is compared to the Horf-Ieach,which is never , full till he burfi:. Neither indeed can the round world (if a man , had it all) fi-ll the corners of a covetous mans heart. O!J. Oh but many naturall men · have defpifed the .world: Some Philofophers have call away riches; and thi3,fome orders of Papiih profeffe: and therefore every man is not naturally carried after the world. : - eAnf1'1'. I anfwer: I .It was not hard for many to defpife riches, when they faw they could not attaine them. 2.Some by common grace, above nature, are re- . preffed and refi:rained: for many · fuch common gifts· are befl:owed on wicked men, for the common good of:mankinde,and upholding ofhumane fociety ; and other1 wife ·every man wou1d bee a woJfe .