Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

c~nttntmtnt -with fo.gJ & raimntt, ifGod give no more,is the daugh· ter of godlines. 4.It would make thee and all thy weal rh fervants o~ grace, employed for God,and thought befl: faved when well laid out. Con!i.der, and deceive not thy felfe• .Againe,even profeffors of Re. ligion ~ at1d thofe that in part are gotten out of the "f.orld; muft efpy flelh and nature iill at worke, and returning upon them in this behalfe. It is a common, and too jufl: an imputation on many, who make their profefsion _ heare ill,&their Religion doubted of, that they bin de up their hands from doing good,& from fur~hering their o\y.n reckoning, yet all this while profe!fe a farre deg~ee in mortification; when, for any thing a man can fe.e,there .is littleditference between them. and worldlings :. you may ob· ferve thim in their trading and calling,