Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

and naturall to ~M. I~ 3 call ing, as intenr, as untrufiy, as griping , as ordiriary in the myHeries.and crafts oftheirtrade,as the ordinary \Vorldling . : Move Nonfol,)m ·rh em to pious or charitable du- ava,rueft, ties, you finde many 0f them as qui rapit barren,as grudging,as penurious,· aliena ;ftd dl• ille you-\vould thinke you had a flint rcu eft qti in hand to fetch out water :Pence cupidc .fb·.. are pull'd from them . as- their vat fi~ j-1ynts·; ~nd filver out. of their. .Aug~, I purfes:.as blond out ofcheirveins. . Here is a.faint profefsion ofgod-- ~ Jines; ,but the life, the pewer.., the fpirits ar~ oppreffed. M~y \Ve.notr Jay now ,their riches & cares ar.~ ' thorns to them?Oh that we \V-tre : wife to .difcern how thefe thorns 'rupp lantand ·unroot theWord,&, · wl ile they root themfelvs,under- · mine.thecounfels &exhortations ' 1 of it 1 ho"vv they draw away.this ::- tnGifrure,that fhou.l..d preferve.the t.·· growth and greenneffe of Chri- ·, Hians, .and keep the comfortable _ ,heat .and ' i11 the of '.the. Si1nne ·of _ ·. , H.· > . grace , ·.