Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

j&r g aine,and how. 1 6j All which may, lead us into our fe1 ves, to take notice of ou.r ,pronene[e and propenfi ty to this fin,which no man willingly confeffeth, and thofe that are deepefi in it,and fwarm with all forts of evils flowing from it, doe leaft Ufh. ·difcern it in themfelvs.Forwhy? I .The Apofl:le (I Theff.~ · 5 :) cal- . Covetoufleth it coloured covetoufneffe : it nes a fin ·maskes and hides it felfby many hardly nofubtle evafions. 2 .It is an inward ted & con· fin, huking in the (pirit ofa man. fefl: why 3.The duft of earthlineff~ putteth 1 • ·out the eye of the minde, or at 2-. leall: da,rkneth the underfl:anding, 3• that it doth not eafily difcerne it. Ye~ . I. 2. Mufl: we be convinced of it in otir felves , and ofour danger by it: for firfi,while we have more ir. care for earth than heaven : fecondly, \Vhile wee more joy and tru!l: the meanes than Gods promifes or providence :thirdly, while we can compa{fe our gain by ;