Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Lawfull t_o lab~tlr more than is f~fficient, and with more care and affect-ion than is warrantable nvhen for the m~ttter, nothing is fufficient for their Pto. 3 o.tf, : clelire, but they are as the gr~tve and Horfe·le4ch, and fay ever, Give.gtve,Etcl. 5 .9.he thllt /oveth jilver,jlulll not hee fati1fted ll"it/9· it. And for the manner,their care is immoderate, cutting, difi:rafting the heart, engroffing the thoughts and defires from better things; extinguifhing faith, con- ) fuming the time, deadning prayers, cutting off tefiimonies of love, refolving to part with nothing for Chrifl: , and to fuffer· .]e{fe for him if it were poffible; arJd in a word, not knowing any moderation. ObJeCf .But then we are in good I cafe,and none of us fo bad. Anf.It is hard to find a man t1ot .· entangled for wealth , · or by ·· wealth; and the leffe t~e danger is feen,the more it is. All