Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

170 JYlany lofe their Joules his foule. But for the winning of the world 1nany lofe and forgoe Chrifi:.The yong man lefc Chrifr, betlf;Hfe hee had gr.eat pof[e/fions, Mat,19. zz. Many ofthe Jewes . heard Chrifi:, knew him -, and beleeved in him, but durfi: not l confe{fe him, for that thry fe~tred . · to be lofers in the world, Joh. 12.4 2,43. And t.Q:tlS doe all they, who being convinced in themfelves, and having'-fome good affeCtions Joyned to illumination, yet give the day to the world, and the night to Chrifi. Great and riCh men dare not be feene in the .profe:ffion; when poore fi.iber-men come by day, they dare not com.e by night. z. Hee lofeth Chri!l: for the 2 ' \ world,that giveth prJority tG the world above Chrill: ; as theGaderens preferred t~eir hogg.es b~­ fore the.prefence ofChrifl:! , and as iEfoH p~eferr.ed the broth be~ fure th~ ~blefftng. He .onelyhath · wonne ·~----------·------------·