Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Dfworldlygaine. 169 oppofed to all Gods 'Commandements,Pfol.Il9· 36.Pray for wifdome to conceive thy felfe a ftranter and pi/grime here, fo fo intend principally thy departure Pial. 39• hence: for ere long·, gather a~ u.. fall: and as dangeroufl y as thou canfl:, the poorefl: mans Omer lhall be as full as thine. So of the former point ofinfhnClion. 2. (.)lf',eny Chrijlians do not on. Doll. 1 • IJ endanger, 6Ht even lofe their Ma?y lofe fou!es for the world: fo our Savi-- the1rroales . · l h N b f for the vtour 1mp yet : Jm ers o world men,to winne the world, do lofe · their foules. And though a man would thinke, that no man were or could be fo mad, as to part with his fonle on fuch hare terme§; -yet millions of men'ext change heaven for earth , and barter a way their foules (not for the whole world, ~but) for ·an handfllll of earth wAs for example: I. He that -lofeth Chtifi, lofeth ' · I his 1: Inftances & proofes thereof.