Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

for the world: and who. long lhould amaa :watch-in·vaine · for a favorie word concerning Chrifl:, or the faivation of theu - fou]es? or fpeake to them the language of Cana:n, it is Hebrew ? or throfi: in a favory fpeech, of God, his word, or · grace, how !trange and unwelcom~ is it ? their pennes tell us, that their hcartJ indite no good matter. Is not this to undervalue Chrifl: in comparifon of the world?_or is this to be a pilgrim, or to poffdfe, or rather to bee whol1y poffeffed ofthe \Vord ?· OhjcEf. There is no man,who{e .ordinary the me is not more of tbe world, ~ban of G 0 D or Chrifl: : and ·will you therefore conclude, that there is no man but loves the \vvrld better than Chrifl:? f!./.fn[w. r. Wee are all more . 1 • carnall than fpirituall, and there. fore our thoughts ar.ld .fpeeches, will be wandring: but wee mull: I 3 . not