Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

THE PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN PRACTICE• MATTH.I6.24· Then faid Jefm unto hu DifcipleJ, If ""J man will come after me, let him don} him{elfe, and taf<! up hi& crojfe andfollow me, 2). For -whofoever will fave hu life,fl;alllofe it: anJwhofoever -will/oft bu life for my fak!,fo~IIl ftndeit. 26. For what u a man profiud, if hee foall gaine the -whole world, and loft hi& o-wne joule! Or what foil/! a m~tn give in excha11gefor hiJ . 1 fon/e l B ?.7• .F()r .I