Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

2 7. For the S tJnne of man fot~ll come in the glory of h/4 Father, with hi4 Angels ,and thelit hee fo~ll rew~trd every man accQrding to hu work!s. 28. YerilJ IfoJ untoyou,There /;e fome ftandmg here, -which foal! l not tafte of death, till they foe the SQn of man comming in hu Kingdome. - ~~~~ He occa!ion of thefe words was the offence that the Apofl:le Peter tool<, when ou~ Lord J efi1 sChrifi had preached the doctrine of the Croffe, & had fore-told his own paffion and fuffering fhortly at Jerufalem. Hereupon Peter (as \ a Politician, turning himfelfe to carnall counfels)draweth his Ma· fter afide , and wiiheth him to look betcer to himfelfe,and wifely to prevent thefe troubles,~ V er. 22. Our Saviour now per· ceiving '