Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Occafl(}n oft he wordJ. 3 ---- ---- ceiving that hee went about to di!fwade him from that great worke, for which bee came into the world,& on which the falvation of the whole world depended, mofl: fharply reproves him, as a moll fpeciall agent ofSa than, though bee were his Difciple a thoufand times,Ver. 2 3. And yet, not forgetting his wonted ccm· paffion,taketh occafionthence to infl:ruft him , and all the refi of the Difciples;yea,and with them all Beleevers, that they alfo after his example mull: bee in a readi- . neffe to deny themfelvcs,and tak.! up hi& cro.fJe and follow him. The words containe in them Summe of the inflitution ofa Chri.ftian man, them. or of aDifciple ofChrifl:; who is here, I .Informed : 2. Confirmed in-the firft PrincipleJ of his holy profeffion. The Information is in Ver.2.4. P3rtr: The Confirmation in all the refi: . to the entl. , · . B 2 The