Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The Text cleared. in our Text, is not meant onely thofe twelve Apollles, , who are fo call.ed in a peculiar manner.becaufe they were chofen to bee trained up & inftruCled in Chrifts own family in the future fervice of the Church: Nor onely thofe faithfull men and women, whom Chrift honoured to follow his owne perfon in the daies of his ·flefh ; but all faithfull ones lhat fha1lle'arne, b.eleeve, and pra.Clife lf.ilt:9C7'1£t11fl.i· ud.f4;s~ ,.c, b.?(fi.OV awJ 'ro,, f(9-5'11. w.}, d.Jmf, holy doCtrine, and follow his holy life ~o the end of the world: for thefe himfelfe bath honoured N. . , . h t.•. L L, 6 I ~mlrum Wlt tuls name, u~ 14.1 • if in tibtrtate •ny mt-tn come tn me , and h~ete n~t noftra nobu allfor me, hee.cannot he my Dijci- rcli~qrtens, ple.AEt.tt.26.the Chrijliani and ntru~ amDifciples were all one. . ~~!::]:~: If any will follow mee.J The [en.iniec. ~ Papitl:s gather, that it is in The Text our free. will to follow, or not. makes not But for free... will. I. Chrifts fcope is not here to 1 ihew how we come to him, hut B 3 who