Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

6 I. Dif;iples ofChri[t,who. who they be that come; and not from the caufe of their cemming,but from the effects. 2. If wee will learne from Chrifl: the caufe of ourco1nming to hitn, he will not have us find it in our felwes,but without us.Joh. 6.44 .None comu to me,ut~lef[e the Father dr~tw him : his free-will drawes him not, Nature drawes him not, but the grace ofthe Fa- .ther: And Ver.4;. Heethat hath heard ami learned of the Father, comn Hnto me: Where this corn. ming is not afcribed te the will or f:l:udy of him that is taught, but to the excellency of the Tea. cher. But a more pertinent quefl:ion is,how wee may know that wee are Difcip!eJ and FollowerJ of Chrift. And bc!rde the £ignes ill the Text, wee fhall difcerne it by fundry markes :as I. The Difciples \Vere ca1Ied by Chdfrs owne voice , and depended