Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Difcip/~J ofChrift,who. I 3 pies; or rather, wee are neither thy difciples nor Mofes, but of · Jannes and J•mhr~.s, and Judas, 2. Tim.3 .8. who refifi:ed both Mofes and Chriil. 3. ADifciple is amember of 3• the Church, a chiefe fubjert in the Kingdome of Chrill: ; but a malicious man is none ofChrHl:s Kingdome : for when a man is brought into the Kirgdome of ·Chrifr, the Lion and Lamhe feed Ifa.u.6. together, the childe and cocka- 7.8. trife : Now he puts off his fierce nature,his lionilll,afpilh,wafpiJh and poyfonfu11 difpofition ; he is now of a wolfe and devourer made tame and tractable, as a Lambe of Chrill:s fold, and as a childe ofGod his Father: in union both with head & members, and acknowledgeth all the tyes and bonds between hitnfelfe and his fellow-members : They are children of one Father and Mother, God and the Church; bre... thren