Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Se~fe-deniall,what it is. to Gocls will, and onely feeketh ! how it may pleafe it felfe. And till this bee denied, well thou maill: fay, Thy will 6e done, but it .{hall be by other1,not by thy felfe. ~ 1 3. He mufl: deny all his owne 3 • · corrupt,carnall, and unmortified : ; t -r:.ms and ajfeBions; as carnall i l•_J\1' ·', feare,hatred, anger; and the r like : for even all thefe branches 1nufi bee Rocked up with the ·· rcot. 4· He mu£\: deny all his owne 4· w 1cked inclin~ttivns, the frreames f?Zui deptJrr. l1: • • f I 11.it veterem and incenant trrtngs o natura I homintm corruption,. as apt to bee kindled cumoperias ~.ny Gunpowder by the leafl: bm rui&! abfparke: whether more common negat Jhp- , to the nature of mnn , or more fuJ?' .&~. HteHm.zn proper to amans owne perfon, as Matth. hafiine!fe, proneneife to revenge, to hatred,injull:ice, or the like. ) . Hee mull: deny all w1cked ; • habits andfins, the acting oflufl:s and vices ; as all intemperance, rotten fpeech, uncleannelfe,covetou{heffe,