Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

I 8 Dt[ftctJlty of [e~f'e-deniall . i touft1eife, wrath, envie, pride, 1 idleneife,and the like; that a man Rom. Y4·7· l'ive not now to himfelfc, but wholly to Chrifr whom-he profeffeth to follow. Non dixit, In a word, a11 feife-refpeCl:s, n~get,fed felfe-feeking, felfe-aymes 1m1fi ar:~negp ,m b d d h Ch ·n· hac atl-ieai- -e renot:ince , an t e n 1-an uncttlaplu- ! wholly vaniJb into nothing, and rimum ad- . a11 things in the world become dat,&c. l drojfc anddoung in comparifon of Gree. I Ch . 11. Phff.3•7·S. '1· rtu:. I I Next, of the difficulty. Who The diffl. . feeth not by this time what a difcu!ry of , ficult precept our Saviour bath this duty. 'enjoyned every one of his followers? even the cutting-off of hands, and plucking out of eyn, the mofl: neceffary and tender parts, and cafiing them away. To difcerne which difficulty a little more difiincHy : Seen in 3 • I 1. ConfisJer the neerneffe of : things. , things to be denied. Were itonI. . ly in things without m,as to part j with friends and riches , . this - vvere