Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

_:3_9_s_._l Tlu Di·uine Te~~cher 1. wereunprofitabletons, ffwee fh e r ro · ph:: ts b.>ly .ddire. j had JlOt fome·beames from his body. Tbe htige Ocean w·ere 1 unufefull to us, if fome of his fireames were not derived ttnto ·us. So all that light of knew-- Ieageaatd \vifdo.me ia ·God, the Sunne and father of lights; and .all that Ocea.n of grace and glo- .ry in God, the full Sea, were 'helpldfe and uncomfortableun- .to us, further then the beams·c:f. this SLmne, and fireamcs of this ·Ocean are conveyed unto us,yea into our mindes and hearts, to enlighten and purific the darke and nafi:y corners .of thetl 1. This our Prophet w-ell knowing~ makes nq end of ll:ttdy, painesi' prayers, 1earch and in- ·quifition, how he may fiore and furnilb himfelfe with that Di~ 'vine Dotlrin, w hieh as a A:ream mayi-e-ad-hlm backe to the Sea againe, and bring him to the tr.ue kn~wled·ge of God in the · :' Meffiah, which is eternall life. A