Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

' 6. Vtgila.{uper teipfitm, excita teip- [mn,atlmonc teipfum,& tftticquid de alii& fit ,non negligaJ teip[urn. Tantum profici~ , es,qmmtum . tibi ipft vim intukris.De imitat.Chi"i~ fli,l.r.C.1). Necejfity of felfe-deniall. Word is that golden rule of all the Law and Prophets ; namely, to teach t!s to love God & Chrifi a/Jovc all, and our neighbour for his fake tU our f~lvcs. And therefore that corruption of nature, whereby every man loveth himfelfe, and feeketh himfelfe & his owne profits, rather than Gods glory and his neighbours good, muil: bee denied before wee can take out any 1e£fon of. the word. 6. No obedience can be accep~ tably performed to God \Vithout felfe-deniall :for many commandements are hard and difficult, as that to Abraham of . killing his fan : many are dangerous that · may coil: a man his life, as J ohns Minifiery did: many are cofl:ly, and may cofl: ' a maa his whole efiate. Now never can any ofthefe bee cheerfully and willingly undertaken , till thefe fl:rong holds of flelh in man bee demolilhed. A man: may profeffe himfelfe a fervant