Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Necejfity offelfe-dtnial!. 2 3 ~tried away,before a new frame . can be reared. r 3. All true wifedome is loft: 3. by the fall, and an infinite lumpe 1 of folly hound up in the heart ofe- , Pro. u.H• very natural\ man. Now though l true wifedome be offered againe 1 it1 the word, yet can it never bee embraced before the other bee difplaced, no more than light can be manifdl,before darknetfe bee chafed away. 4· The Gofpel offereth Chrifl: 4· as a Phyfitian only to the fie/e.! and Mar.9.n. difeafed, and as a Saviour to the & 10 ' 6 ' loft foeep of the houfe of Ifrael. And therefore neceffarily muft a man deny all the tneanes hee can make or devife to help himfelfe, before hee can come to fee what need bee bath ofCfurHl: .Hee mufi come firfi: to difcerne his n1ife- . rie and lofl: ellate, before bee can beleeve and relye on Chrifi for falvation. s. The whole fcoFe of the 5. word