Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

~6 MifchiiftJ by failing c.ifeneffe to deny them(elves their orqinary liberties :tofollow ChrHl:: And, 3. 3. Is it from any other caufe that men thruft thcmfelves into Gods chaire of efiate, to revenge their own wrot~ ,and challenge, J & take challenges into the field, to the perpetrating of horrible murders, or elfe bafely fl:abbe and · wound ; but becaufe they thinke it difgrace and cowardife to de- · RY a mans felfe, and to put up the leafi: wrongs 1 ' . 4· Whence is it elfe,that ma4-· ny pretend to follow Chrill, but ·upon condition they may not deny themfelves? for they muftbe gainers· by their religion, which muft be another DiAna, 'to bring Ait. 19.•24• ·profit to the Craftf-Mafters.fuve . ; thofe learned· felfe-deniall, that · · meafure their religion by their gettings, but will be furetobee . no lofers by it 1 like the S lo)Ves,that will' take their Sum~ . mer