Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

of ftlf~d~nittU. 2 7 ~~----------~- merwith us, but notour Winter. ~. Whence is it, t~at fome in cafe of neceffity can caft no part of thdr fupedluity into the Treafury , when the widow can ca!l: in all that ever lhe had 1 And Ananias & Sa pphira that aad not denied themfelves, could give three parts of their efiate away to pious ufes ; and bow farre are mo!t behind them, who profeffe felfe-denialll Nay, it is d1e fin of ma~y gre~t profe!fo~s, t~at what need foever Chrtll. th hts mem· hers bath , they mu!l: remit' no· thing of their coiUy apparre11, full d!et, and following offa1hions; :w,htc~ thew them.. /"vttr.t of pleafore.t f!Jore than of , God. Crumbes now. and then they can part withall J but endure no de· triment, no abatement. Thefe . certainly have· not yet denied themfelves. ... , . " . I 6•. :W.bence ,is al~ the denia11 C 2 of •:t 6• .