Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Helps unto felfe-denial!. 29 ling to undertake it. ; what are /?2._J:otu.rthe helpes and meaaes, by which qui(qu-eh.ec wee may be forwarded herein l adimplcvit? for the Lord hath not left us de- ~~h:~fn~­ fiitute of meanes, if wee bee not dilficilia,_pewanting to ourfelv:es. nes.r:eu~ An[w. True :.And therefore, foc:lta. 1 ert. W fl: . . dttdol.~.u.. 1. ee mu not conceive It Helpes to naturall for a man to croffe his · further · corrupt nature; for nature forti- this diffifies it felt in.all the holds ·: It mull <mlt r:tty. be therefore a fupericur fire that 1 ~ muft defcend to make aman hate himfelfe for the love ofGod & Chrift. Regeneration isaworke · of the Spiri~, and fl:rength toovercome our felves is not from ' our felves. And therefore wee muft pray fo.r the truth of this grace ofRegeneration; and nev.er bee at refl: till wee fin de it in our felves in fome degree of it, en· couraging our felves in that promife that the Spirit is given to thofe that tUkf him, & is powred Gn the thirftJ grounds. C 3 - 2. Confider