Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

.30 Helps unt1 felfe-dtnial/. 2. ~. Confider what an ad vantage it will bee to take ~ur felves in haad before our lufts be gr.owne ftrong in us , and how they are farre more eafily denied in the firft motion and rifir~g of them, than w ben they have feated themfelves with delight in the affections and members, and are growne from motions to aCls, from acts to cnR:omes, from cufiomes to habits, and from habits to another nature, that is, after a fort become the man himfelfe, that bee can as foone leave to bee him elfe, as leave thefe. And therefore wee mull: fubfcribe to the w ifedome of J efus Chrifi:, whoenjoy11es it as the \"ery firfi worke of Chrill:ianity, fit to bee nrll: fee upon. ' . . 3 ~ 3. As it muft be the ftrft ,foaliseit-acni- • fo the conti1tued aCl: of a Chrifl:iall rhe?rft 1 an to fiand in the deniall of him· & conttRU. t'r r . . :Cl: of a fe re , 1eemg the enemy conttnu1 ally ufeth our owne naturall inclinations