Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

H tlpJ tmtfJ Jeife-deniaU. 3 I - ·--- --- clinations againO: us to our owne · hurt: he plowes withourowne heifers, even thofc lufi:s in any kind which he finds not-through· ly denied. Wee mufl: therefore inftantly watch them , and try them, and finding them corrupt; · prefently cut them of(, and 4eny them. . -. And becaufe they are not de- Ptnfom~ nied, till the cont~_ry be~ praB:i- quomodo d .n. b b h Paulus(e fe , cur care mnn ee t ·at t e .ab11e,avc. roome ofour hearts bee taken up rat,pJidictwith good defires and motions, bat,Vtvfl and the luftings of the Spirit,· a~~ttmjam which being contrary, wi_ll keep n_ant~J!.-x- tmtl~~J out , and keep UAder the lufts of qllippe /utthe fle{h. And indeed this is the rat ~vw _ firongeA: deniall of our felves, ilte perfle~~e when we are ftrongly refolved in tor,etvivnl our !elves, rather to bee fuLrerers 'ceperat._,pim w prtediclltor. than doers in any wicked motion; areg.inEand retaine with us a ftedfafi pur- · vang.hfm. pofe to pleafe Ciod in all things, 3'· -~ though it be with the difpleafiue ofour fe]ves,and all the world. J C "1 4.Whereas