Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Motwts to Jelfe-deniaU. ments with moil: exquifite torments. ·. 4. Look on the·left hand: we 4•. have hypocrites forfaking much for Gods favour: we have Baals Priefb lancing and tormenting themfelves, to uphold their Ido- ~ latry: And Mic~th 6.6.Wherewith (fay the hypocrites }fo~tll -we come before the L~rd 1 they will bring tho·Hfonds of rams, and ten thoufond rivers of,yle: they will part with the firft•6Drne of their bo;.. · dies,for the filil of their foules. Befides thefe, we have the Pa· pifl:s charging us , that wee will forfake nothing for our profeffi- " on, while they give all to the "Church, and betake themfelves· " to voluntary poverty ,a-nd beate "downe· their bodies with fa.. · ''flings,whippings, and watch- " ings : Wee are enemies -to fa- " Hing, we feed an cl fat our lufl:s, •· "and ~nr religion is an enemy to "all charity and good workes. Wherein.