Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Moti'l)~J to felfe- denia/1. Wherein althottgh th~y be lyers and deceivets,ascwellln that they dothemfelves, .ai that. they fay. of us ; yet indeed they hav;e too much ground ofour reproach, .in the filthy,loofe,carnall,and covetous life of a number of profe{- fed ChrHlians. But £hall hypo. crites and Idolaters get before us in felfe-deniallf &c. 5. Lo0ke to. the end of our felfe-deniall : there meetes us Gods promife with a full borne proft. and hand, and will not Jet us bee :J~nde lofers by the bargaine. All the vidm- Ioffe ffiall be made up with an infinite returne.and advantage.For, w6ofoever foallforfo~e 13oufo, !Jre- ~t ;n'z.r»u11l~ap..1 thrt·n,ftjler.f,jather sr mother2-wife or. c.hildren , or la11dJ for my fok.! ~tna the GofPels, he foal/ rtctiVtlln httndreti{Didfor the prefent,hiNfos, and 6rethr-en, ~nd fiflerJ, and.mo- - tper J, and children, and l11nds »' it:N perftcHtio.n.; t~nJ in the -world to come tllrnt~ll~ lift ::Here is ufur.y enough, .·