Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Marlees offelf-e~deniaU.- · 45 . - - and without all meanes of helpe. Abraham, denying -himfe1fe, di- rfvee ~; firutl:ed not when meanes failed. faith)whatFaith leanes not npon meanes,but upon God ; arid is not tyed to rneanes,butto God, and will {ay, Our God u in heaven, 1md aoth -wh~tfoever hce ' 'Will, bee there ~eanes or fio, Pf4l.x 1) ·3· The Prince could not deny his reaft1n , 2l(in.7.19. If God fhou/d mtlk.§ ~indoJPes in heaven,cou/d thu come tfJ paffe? but it cofi him his Hfe. And good Zachary -could not deny ~infelfe,but doubted ofG<i>ds .1 wQrd ; and God denied him his fp~ech for forty weekes , Luke I .jO. ' · . _ . As nothing· gives riloie glory . to ·God rha':l faith, fo nothing takes fo much from 'rna:n. No~ _thing makes him fo little in him• · ~ felfe as fa~ch, which ack11ow leag-I . ~thGodfogreat~ .. : · _ By-thefe ·fignes~wce ·may e*a~ , _ {mine_ ~~ tnt'atltrer (fif, i"elfe-rlel- ~~ niall l