Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

44 Mttrkes offelfe-denia!l. ----------------- ~· Heisufefull to other~ · ' . though enemies. 6. 'this without murmuring or impatience : and dares avoid no e· vill by any evill meanes. The fift note is in refpect of o· thers: He that bath denied himfelfe, lives not to himfelfe, but procures the good of others, and adva9ceth to his power. every mans wealth and good; as being now a pub like good, though a priv~te ma:n. He can do good to his .enemies, and pray for them that curfe him, and wrong him. He lookes not on men,as they are · affetled to himfelfe , but as bee ought to be affected to them. And he that cannot deny and di(pleafe .himfelfe , can never pleafe his neighbour for gsod and edification; which is the·Apofiles argument, Rom.t) .2. Let m not plulfo •ur _(elves , !Jut our ncigh6fJur for ediftc~ttion :f()r C hrifl pleafcd not himfolfe,&c. The fixt and Jalt note of felfedeniall is the life offaitb,beyond and