Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

• what it u to uzke ---- - - - --- · mu£1: ofhis owne head raifc war againft his owne peace , nor fet fire upon his owne houfe; this is not the part of a good fouldier, _ but of a mutinous and feditious fellow : So no fouldier of Chrift mull be fuperfluous in fuffering, but fee hee be preft into the battell by the great Generall and Commander. -Fourthly, we may not tempt God by .r~nning afore him, but follow him going before us. If without fin,and with good confciencewee may efcape danger, and do not, we run upon it,and it becomes our own croffe, and not Chrifis. It is enough to fu.ffer wrong; wee mull: not 1jfer wrong to our owne perfons.We are not bound to fee~ the croffe,nor ma~e it, but to !Jeare and tak! it up : Nor to fill the cup for our felves , but to drink! it when God reacheth it. , Our aft1iC1:iOf.lS mnft not be a cup ofour own brewing,or apotion . ~ of