Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

up the Cr'./Je. ofour_awne providing , but the Father mufi give it us : John 18. 1 I. Sh~/1 114t I drin~ of tiJe cHp, rwhich my Fat he,. hath given! To take up the croffe therefore is , When" croffe meets IH in oHr WIIJ, -which wee c~ennot 'tPithout fin , andhreach ofconfoience eftape;wee mttft no'1P tak.! kl;o)f)/edgt of Gods -wilt, Gods h11nd, GodJ time, ~end Gods voice calling us to fuffor:And as Chrif.l:; when his croffe was layd upo11 him , tooke it upon him, and bare it willingly, meekly and cheerfuUy; fo mufi: wee by endnring the croffe declare our obedience to God, our love to J efus ChrHl , and o1:1r zeale to his truth. This is to take up the croffe. Now God laying on the croffe, \Vee mufi not pull awaythe iliou1der, nor hide our felves from the croffe under the covert of finfull1hifts, nor avoid it by anyunlawfullmeanes, but take it up,and buckle to the burden. D% And ji