Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

God in great wifdome by tryals fhakes them out of(ecttrity ~ and makes them more watchfull of them(elves, more fit to do good . and to comfort others.Scowring makes metals brighter,_and more ufefull. · 2. In regard of the wicked the crotfe isnecetfary,that it may be as afanne and plain difi:inction between the godly& them. The working Oxe is . continua1Jy bound ; .but thofe that are refer':" ved for the £laughter havefcope in fat pafl:ures: So this difference the Lord appointed, when bee made the way narrow, and the gate !hait that leads to life;) and few to find it. Another reafon why the Lord 5 • [ bath yoked the Chrift:ian to the cro£fe, is, becaufe he will thence [ fetch ·a .fl:rong argument ta con7 I found Sathan, who will be ready l , to alledge againfi: the Chrifl:ian ·I as againfr Job, that heftrveth not GoJ .