Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The crojfe necejfary. Godfor ngught. But he will have it appeare, that his fervants love Chrifi and Religion for h felfe, not for.eafe, wealth, or any outward refpect. And, greater or more fincere love cannot be tefl:ified,than by· fuffering fer hitn. Ofall this it followes,that the croffe is no tigne God hates a man, but rather is a fitJne of his love, and a proofe ofour legitimation: for, ifJou 6e without cor.- reElioN, where(}f ~eft (fonnes) are p~trt~tf<!rs,yee ·arc haftardJ, and not {onfie .r, He!Jr. I 2. 8. Neither our (elves nor others may give falfe witneife,ofus for our fufferings ·: but fiill fay as J ob in the midft of his abafement, God forbid that ever I foould_ tttk! away mine innocency from my folfe: untilt I dye, I twill k!epmJ righteoufnejfe, ]oh Z7.5. And when rwe-have Satan alfailing us, a~1d his inll:ruments aggravating Gods hand -again£1: us, our owne hand had not·· need . ; D 5 be 57 Ufo I~ The no ligne Gods ha- - tred. .