Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The crrJjf'e nectf/ary. 59 without warre and blowes, and the ordinary hazzards of it. To a foip, and N gabs Ark! : thou canfi not be inafhip, nor in the Arke without a world of waters, waves,windes, and dangers. To ,the Lords corne ilanding in the :-- fte!J: think tlot then to efcape the ck1e, floore, flaile, milfione, o.. ven,and {itch like. To the Lords , Yi11eJ11ra: let never a clufier look to ffcape the preffe. To ChrHl:s fold: and not one of the flocke but mull looke for ihearing and lhambles.To the Lords 6uilding: and every living Clone laid in this houfe mull bee hewen -and fquared; the axe or hammer mufl: fit them. Never is the Pafchall Lambe eaten, but with fowre, herbes ; and) Chrifi and his croffe , are never feparated. , 4· Is our fulfering a part of tlft +· Chrifrs crolfe ?-here then is ex:...; Comfort ceeding comfort to tbe Saints in : u~t~r the h . fi ffi . h . croue, t ett_ P. euog : t ree wa1-es, 1 threefold. x.In