Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

The croj]e nec1Jary. be on our felves too : but now we muft Ll:and to our felves, and gather concluftons for our felves; and fee love in firipes , and afa· therly affeCtirn lurking even in tharpe correction. , ,. Againe, let no man thinke bee . •nor · can get to heaven fo eafily, but getmto hee fuall well know how hee ·comes there.AH the way is thick l\:rawed with croffe-s, and there is no thunning of them. For, feeke to thift them by evill meanes., or laying downe duty, thou haft , flipped out of the way tp heaven,and Chrifl: is not before t4ee,. ,.who himfelfgot not the crown, but by the croffe. How vaine is it then to expect a paradife of delight, in the time of our prifon, or pilgrimage ? &c. , ;. If the croffe bee the badge of everyDifciple, let us bee wife .to expect the croife. aforehand. The Church is compared'. to a. c""'P' : look not to be in a campe . _ without