Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to tale~ up the crofJe. 71 or meafure; but account him a flight fervant, that gives up his worke , and makes holy-day at his pleafure. This wifedome we - may learne from the wife Pilot, who in a calme looks for a ftorm; fo mufr wee in our peace for a ff:orm ofadverfity: And the wife fouldi\:r will keep fentinell in time of truce and peace. , 2. When they doe come and 2. fmart,wee muft not beflnjleffe of An!;~ . forrow, nor yet ovcrwhelmed,but ~j,:;.orem , labour to overcome the fenfe of fufiint~tiam 1 fleib by the power ofthe fpirit : acci~g~tt.- . For which end religion Iooketh De lmttat. I not on the croffe,as it isjn it own Chr./.3·'·57 ' nature,a fruit offin,or as a rcourge in the hand of an offended father; but as it is over- ruled by Gods providence, & altered by Chrifi. Religion looketh not fo much fJII the crotfe,as be.Jond ir, and on the happy fruits at.1d itfue of it: As a woman in forrow of travell gets over it in hope ofabirth :Or as a flout /