Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Noli attmdtrequa itur~ jis, t~o 'Ventmm. AHg. #lJ Pfol,36. Ufo. Be readyto take up thecroffe daily. MeaneJ r. M etlnes .to be wiUing . heaveH,and brin:'into a glorious manfion. C11re nDt tben [fl mHch 'WII~tt 1PaJ thtJNgDeftJ M whither it /e11d1. A fairer way were more plea{ant, but perhaps not fo fafe. Elias is . not affraid (nor hurt) to be carried in a fiery chariot to his reft and glory. And glad may we be, ifby the doung-gate, or any pofierne gate wee may get within the heavenly J er~falem. Thus feeing bo~h the neceffity, difficulty, and utility of this precept of Chrifl:, and feeing it may be and mull bee attained of every Difciple, let us frame to the obedience of it, aRd get neereus fuch helpes as may hold us in a fitneffe and preparedndfe to bike up our croffe daily. - f2.ueft. What are they! · .Anf-w. I • Before croffes come, make account of them, and ftore thy felfe with patienc~ _even for the -lharpeG, a11d for one after an- .other, not prefcribing the time or