Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to take up the Crejj'e. 73 What an honourable thing ~o have Chrill a companion in our futfering?or that the Lord fl1ould honour himfelfe by us·? that hee fuould advance his owne wifedome;power.aand goodnes in the conf.l:ancy of his fervants? that flee fuould fpread and feale the truth of the C 'fpel by their bloud? that theh ' !0ad fhonld be the feed and V\ ·. l\. k ing of the Church r· ·: ,. ~ that by fuffering they fuoui c conquer as their Head did, ar : ~ he1pe to batter downe the Kingdome of the Divell ! Finally, w·hat a comfortable thing is it, to beare Chrifis croffe ·? the wifedome of God will let us fee to what it is that God now calleth ; namely, to fach fufferings as have hope, patience)andlight in them, that we may never .fitffer thofe that are hopeleffe and defper~te. 4· Be much & often in the ufe 4: of the Word ftnd Pra7cr. E Firfr,