Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

74 Ifa.n.3. Pfa.II9·91. And praycr. MeanJ to take up the crojfe. Firfr,heare & reade the Scriptures diligently; for whatfoever is there written, is, thlft wee may h~ve ·patience and h()pe,Rom.15 ·4· Thefe are the wets of confo!ation, that informe of all things,the authour, n1atter, end,and ufe ofthe ~ crotfe , and of the comfortable n1anner ofbearing it. Thefe are as the ftrong Tower of David, & minifrer much ftrength and revi1 ving to the weak & languifhing fpirit of man : as David confeffeth, Had it 130t 6een for thy Word, I had pcrifhed in my trouble. Secondly,be frequent itfPray- ·er, both before the croife and ut1· der it : for it is a gift of God, that we are able to fufferas well I as heleeve,Phil.I .29. and chap.4. ' 1 3· I can doe all thing! thr11ugh Chrift that .ftrengthens mee: And the way to get this frrength from Chrifr is fervent prayer: Coloj{. 1. I r. the Apofl:le prayes , that they might be flreHgthcncJ "With 11/1