Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

_i his health and recovery 1. Not without forne hopes; that th ,Lord might be entreated, and lend a gracious ear to the many prayers both in City and Country put. up in his behalf, fo as to raife hirn and reicue him from the aws of death, in order to his further fervic ble- neis in the land of the living. But hen the doleful tidings came to you that Mr. Stubbs was departed, that your Paftor was dead, that he had fnitthed his course, and reigned up his fpirit ; what were your looks, your thoughts, your fpeeches then ? What fighs, what forrows, what tears, what bitter mournings and lamentations were there gene- rally then to be found amongft his acq'J: intance and hearers in the Country ? fnd is he gone indeed ? Shall we no more fee his' face ? No more hear his voice ? Will he pray. amongfl us, and pray för us, no more ? Will he appear in the Pulpit and Preach to as no more ? Did we thin! that the laß Sermon which he Preached before his la4t journey, Idbe the 141 Sermon whichwe jliould- have an - .:gar from him ? He lately Preached 'to as of praying without ceafïng, and did we think, he would fo foon ceafe to. pray himfelj ? He called upon us with great importunity that wr would pray fervently, andhe lived in the praCiice of his own Sermons ; we have heard of his con fant fecret Devotions, his dayly prayers with his Wefe, and in his Family ; and he did-hear u A 2 upon