Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

[46] joy, as your own Salvation ; efpecially to fùch as for the hope of this, renounce the pleafures and honours of the world. If you could do well enough without inífru(ors, Chritl would not have appointed them, nor if there had been any better way for your Salvation. And for our parts, we could have found out work and callings that would better have ferved us for worldly ends 9 and we could live idle, and feek preferment, and flatter, and pleafe you, and neglect your Souls in this calling that we are in. But then wo to us as well as you. O re- 'member who hath fail, Obey them that have the ruleover you, for theywatchfor your Souls, as they that muf? give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief, for that is unpro- fitable for you, Heb. i 3.17. He is not worthy to be called a man, that will deny any joy or good to his neighbour, which Both no hurt to himíelf or others? But confider whether he be not herein vvorie than a Devil , that will deny another thecomfort of teeing him happy, and freelydoing him the greateff good ? Do you not fee now how much you arc çoncerned, that you further our joyful finifhing of our courfe? I befeech you let Confcience judg