Vincent - BX9318 V46 1678

C 47 1 judg you, before God judg you : fpeak as be- fore God ; Have you been turned by them from darknefs to light, and from unbelief to a lively faith, and from a flefilly, to a fpiritual life ;and fromworldly love and hopes, to the love of God, and the hope of endlefs joys in Heaven? Are you at a point with the flat- tering world, and flefhly luffs? and have you heartily taken God and Heaven for your por- tion, and Chriff for your Saviour, and the holy Spirit for your Sanetiiier and comforter; and the word of God for your Law and Charter ; and the fervants of God for your pleafanteff company, and the fervice and praifes of God for your beff and pleafänteft work, and fm for your worft and greateff enemy? If this be fo, biefs God that made the word fo effectual to you. But if it be not, you have wronged your Teachers in robbing themof the joy which was their due. This is it that we fludyed, prayed and Preached for : This is it that we live and labour for. This was to have been the chief part of our reward from you. It is not your Tythes and Many without this that will fatisfie any but an hireling. Many old Canons of the Church forbad Minifters to receive any offerings or gifts from nd unbelievers and wicked men ; As if they had